5th Grade
Ski Free Passport Program

If you're in the 5th grade, no matter where you live, you can ski and ride for FREE at Turner Mountain Ski Area with the Ski Free Passport Program. The Ski FREE Passport is the best way for you to experience the great outdoor winter recreaton in Northwest Montana with your family and friends.
How it Works
The passport allows you to ski or snowboard FREE for 5 days. Afer submitng an applicaton, you will receive a passport. There is a $20 processing fee. Once you receive the passport present it at the ticket window at Turner Mountain Ski Area. It's that easy! We also have deals on lessons and rentals for 5th graders. In order to receive your passport, you must submit your applicaton
prior to the ski area’s opening.
Passport Application
  1. Read the Rules & Regulatons and sign the consent form.
  1. Print neatly, complete all sectons of the form and include a phone number.
  2. Send the completed application with CHECK or Money Order payable to Turner Mountain Ski Area for $20.00 to:

Turner Mountain Ski Area
519 California Ave
Libby, MT 59923

Click HERE to Download the Passport Application